Mark’s family moved to Cornwall in 1976, whilst Mark was still at school. Living 400m from the sea, in the village of Crantock just outside of Newquay. Mark spent many days at Crantock beach, a great place to grow up and get used to the sea.

He started DJ’ing at the local youth club in 1977. He then started DJ’ing parties. During 1980 he started work at the Bowgie Inn, where he worked for sixteen years. He still DJ’s there just one night a year at a charity event.

Whilst studying ‘A’ levels at school, he had an opportunity to work in a training scheme as a computer programmer. Having attained a CSE Grade 1 in computer programming, it seemed a good move. After finishing the training scheme, Mark then worked as a commercial programmer for nearly three years. He wrote various programs for local businesses, from accounts to holiday booking programs. He started doing his own websites in the early 90’s, he still does his own websites today.

After his programming years he moved to builders merchants. He started with Graham’s Builders Merchant, followed by several Jewson branches and Travis Perkins. He then started Treviscoe Builders Merchant with a business partner.

Since 2008, Mark has been a full time scuba diver.